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Re-Inventing Bach is a unique, out-of-the-box duo recital featuring the unexpected combination of flute and violin. From J.S Bach to Stefano Gervasoni, this bold juxtaposition of historical extremes offers an innovative exploration of the similarities and contrasts between these two treble instruments. Central to the program are Gervasoni’s colorful and imaginative transcriptions of Bach’s Inventions. Both keyboard lines are re-written, using both the violin and the viola in combination with all the flutes, including piccolo and bass flute. From wood to wind or bow to breath, this fertile opposition urges the performers to expand their expressive range, seeking a new unity of sound both complex and beautiful. The re- invention of instrumental roles and the reconsideration of the very notions of tradition and innovation leave the listener with the understanding of music’s inherent ability to indeed, re-invent itself. Re-Inventing Bach is part of the Duplexity Project series. 

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