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Fantasies is the first project of “Music and Beyond”.

It involves the 12 Fantasias for solo flute by G.F. Telemann performed by flutist Roy Amotz and a cooking performance of artist Asli Hatipoglu.


Composition and cooking, tasting and listening are all temporal experiences that are linked to our senses. We tend to eat and listen ‘with our eyes’ before we actually activate the relevant senses of taste and hearing. The visual image in our brain instantly creates a certain expectation and thus adds an element of comparison to our experience.


The idea behind “Fantasies” is to allow the other senses to be experienced in their own right, without the domination of visual engagement, and thus enable the audience to give in to the pure experience, without preconceptions.

The need to deal with the experience solely through the relevant sense provokes a more refined use of it, and builds self confidence in the deepest sense. Our wish is to enable people to increasingly trust their own judgement, as a part of a long-term process that would eventually make them less dependent on pre-judgements of others.

“Just amazing. It was inspiring, intense and delicious!

I have never tasted food in a more engaging way, It felt as if all my senses combine. thank you!”


A soul-opening, thought-provoking journey”


“Take the time to listen to the soundscape.

Be surprised by the HSSSSH of the gyosa pan

Guess the texture of that bread crunch in your neighbor's mouth.

Let go of words. Let yourself be carried away by the flute as a sunny morning.



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